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    The Gaboon Viper is located in the tropical rainforests
    and other moist areas of East and West Central Africa.


    The Gaboon Viper feeds on small mammals (particularly
    rodents), birds and amphibians such as frogs.  Their
    excellent camouflage allows them to hide in leaves on
    the forest floor while waiting for prey.  The Gaboon is a
    venomous snake and its bite can be very harmful and
    possibly  fatal to humans.


    The habitat of the Gaboon Viper will usually be near in a
    dark place near or on the ground.  The Gaboon is a
    nocturnal snake and will hunt in the evening and at night.  
    The habitat of the Gaboon includes but is not limited to

Size and Description

    The average length of an adult Gaboon Viper can range
    from 4 - 6 feet.  The Gaboon is a heavy snake with a
    weight of 15 - 18 pounds.  The Gaboon Viper's fangs can
    be from 1 - 2 inches in length.  The Gaboon has excellent
    camouflage with angular brown shapes on its back and a
    tan head that is shaped like a leaf.


    The female Gaboon Viper is viviparous, meaning it bears
    live young.  The Gaboon can give birth to 30 - 60 young
    for a given pregnancy.
Gaboon Viper
(Bitis gabonica)
Kingdom:   Animalia
Phylum:   Chordata
Class:   Reptilia
Order:   Squamata
Family:   Viperidae
Genus:   Bitis
Species:    gabonica
© Photographer: Mikhail Blajenov
IUCN Status:
Not Listed
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